Integration of project phases

Depending on the type of involvement of each project, the coordination tasks may cover very different aspects of production. The key is to be able to anticipate the technical needs in each case in order to be able to adapt times and combine elements to produce a quality result.

Publishing and cultural coordination

Publishing and web projects

Publishing coordination (Spanish, Galician or English texts and graphics); writing of promotional texts for covers and institutional introductory texts; writing of press releases; management and writing of web content; management of cultural projects.


Demo Editorial • Inda Iniciativas SL • A Coruña City Council • Xunta de Galicia (Galician Government) • Federation of Professional Illustrators’ Associations (Fadip) • Galician Association of Illustration Professionals (AGPI) • Ourense City Council • Ourense International Film Festival • Difusora de Letras, Artes e Ideas SL • Aira Iniciativas Culturais SL

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